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Have you ever been told that you have not reached your full potential, or that you are wasting your talent? These are very overused phrases, but there is usually some truth in them. No doubt, if you have had this said to you on more than one occasion, there is some magic waiting to be unlocked inside you. This is where we come in…


At Ingeniis Coaching, we simply want to bring out the best you. This means getting to know you as a person, understanding your goals and working on whatever is holding you back. No tasks is too small or big for us, so do not hesitate to bring whatever is troubling you to us.


Perhaps you have an exam coming up, or you are seeking a job promotion? The mental skills required for these situations are surprisingly difficult and Ingeniis will teach you how to use them.



Athletes are our most popular clients, mainly because of the high intensity of their industry. Maintaining the strength to carry on when things get tough is absolutely essential as an athlete, but this skill requires a lot of work.


When your performance on the field, track or court affects your life, there is a lot of pressure on you to perform. This is why Ingeniis helps you bring your A-game to every competition. However, unexpected events in your life could change things for you drastically.


It is incredibly important that you have support during these tough times and don’t go through these things yourself. Our experienced coaches well help you tackle any life changes and use them to help make you even stronger.

Business group portrait - Six business people working together. A diverse work group.



Are you a team leader and think that your team could do with some motivation and inspiration in the workplace? Ingeniis Coaching specialises in team training and bringing out the best in people in any environment.


Perhaps you have a new team and there are some personality clashes within the group? This is very normal and can be expected. However, it does not create for a positive working environment and can severely impact your business. Enrolling in one of Ingeniis Coaching’s group classes could see a huge change in the mental attitudes of your team and create incredible results you wouldn’t believe.